Golf Puzzles – The Words of Golf


For those who love golf or know someone who does!


Golf Puzzles includes word searches, word scrambles, and crosswords about the words of golf. Some less commonly known words include worm burner, duck hook, medal play, shrimp, mulligan, and pitch mark.

What do you do when you can’t play golf? Word puzzles about golfing are the next best thing.!

These golf crosswords, word search, and word scramble puzzles will challenge and entertain anyone excited about golf.  Fun for golf enthusiasts of all ages, these puzzles are related to the jargon of golf.

This set consists of 5 word searches, 5 word scrambles, 3 crosswords and answers to the word searches and crosswords. (The words/answers in the scrambles are used in the word searches.)

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Why do puzzles?

Unplug from electronics and keep your mind sharp by having fun with these word puzzles.

Crossword puzzles have several benefits. For example, they may improve your mood and lower your risk of dementia. They can also reduce stress, enhance verbal skills, and be enjoyed as a social activity. Word searches help develop word and/or pattern recognition. And they introduce and review vocabulary, and can improve spelling skills.

These puzzles are primarily designed to entertain.  But active learning is certainly present as well.

So most importantly word puzzles encourage the life skill of “learning to love to learn”.

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