Printable Illinois Word Puzzles



Explore the Prairie State from your couch! These Illinois word puzzles take you to cities and State Parks in Illinois and test your knowledge about the state symbols, famous actors and athletes, city nicknames, and more.

These puzzles are perfect for anyone from Illinois, visitors, or anyone wanting to know more about the state. Fun for adults and also great for kids, they make a fun addition to any school curriculum.

The puzzles come in unique shapes such as a tree, a smiley face, and more to add to your enjoyment.

This set includes 3 word search puzzles and 11 crossword puzzles on people, places, and other Illinois-related topics. Download them instantly! Answers included. Get them now.

These puzzles are for personal use and not for resale.

Why do puzzles?

Unplug from electronics and keep your mind sharp by having fun with these word puzzles.

Crossword puzzles have several benefits. For example, they may improve your mood and lower your risk of dementia. They can also reduce stress, enhance verbal skills, and be enjoyed as a social activity. Word searches help develop word and/or pattern recognition. And they introduce and review vocabulary, and can improve spelling skills.

These puzzles are primarily designed to entertain.  But active learning is certainly present as well.

So most importantly word puzzles encourage the life skill of “learning to love to learn”.

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